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Type Names

This section is a list of all the monster types your pack will have in lowercase.

"typesNames": [

Type TMs

This section is a list of the names of TMs if available, and the type of move they teach.

"typesTMs": {
"Cool TM": "cool",
"Awesome TM": "awesome"


This section is where you'll define info of each type.

  • noAdv - Indicates whether this type has no advantage over any other type, if true it will give this type a bit of a boost to compensate.
  • name - The proper displayed name of the type.
  • short - The abbreviation of the type name, typically 3 letters.
  • color - The color the type will be represented by.

Below color you will list all types in your pack, along with how they are affected by this type, where .5 is half damage, 1 is full, and 2 is double.

  • badges - A list of badges that trainers of this type can award the player with.
    • name - The name of the badge.
    • icon - The image the badge will be represented by.
  • tiles - A list of images that the route map can use when the route has a family of this type.
  • items - A list of items that any monster of this type can be carrying.
    • id - The name of the item.
    • prob - The odds it can appear on a wild monster.
"types": {
"cool": {
"noAdv": true,
"name": "Cool",
"short": "COL",
"color": "#A8A878",
"cool": 1,
"awesome": .5,
"trainers": ["I Train Cool","Cool Trainer","Trainer That is Cool"],
"badges": [
{"name": "Cool Badge", "icon": "coolbadge.png"},
{"name": "Dope Badge", "icon": "dopebadge.png"},
{"name": "Coolismo Badge", "icon": "coolismo.png"}
"tiles":["coolgrass.png", "cooldirt.png"],
"items": [
{"id": "Cool Item", "prob": 0.5},
{"id": "Awesome Item", "prob": 0.1}