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This section allows you to have custom shops in the shop menu of the game.

  • section - This is the name of the shop.
"section": "Rainbow Pool"
  • items - this is a list of things that will be sold in the shop.
    • name - Name of item in the shop, it should be declared in the items section later.
    • price - The price the item should be sold for.
"items": [
{"name": "Item For Sale", "price": 500}
  • amount - The amount of shop items in the custom shops that will be changed daily.
"amount": 1,
"items": [
{"name": "item1", "price": 100, "prob":1},
{"name": "item2", "price": 100, "prob":1},
{"name": "item3", "price": 100, "prob":1},
{"name": "item4", "price": 100, "prob":1}