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Pack Info

This section is all the critical information of your pack.

  • testBGTile - For testing, forces the game to use a tile for the current route.
"testBGTile": "yourtilename.png"
  • testCommonFamily - For testing, forces the game to use a common family for the current route.
"testCommonFamily": 1
  • testRareFamily - For testing, forces the game to use a rare family for the current route.
"testRareFamily": 1
  • packName - The "ID" of your packs. This basically never changes. All the packs with the same ID will use the same save slot in the game.
"packName": "pcknme_usrnme_data"
  • packPublicName - The practical name of your pack.
"packPublicName": "Rad Monster Pack"
  • versionName - The version people see. Should be changed every time you make a new version. It is used to generate the pack file name.
"versionName": "1.0"
  • versionNumber - Start from 1, and increment it to 2, 3, 4, etc. every time you make a new version.
"versionNumber": 1
  • compatibleBackups - Used if you need to be able to import backups from another pack.
"compatibleBackups": ["other_pack_name"]
  • packGen - If you're unsure of what this is, just keep it 2.
"packGen": 2
  • noPixelatedMonsImages - Whether the pack uses non-pixelated images.
"noPixelatedMonsImages": true
  • generalAuthorName - The name of the artist/author, mainly used to give credit if the pack contains images used with permission.
"generalAuthorName": "Rad Author"
  • generalAuthorLink - Link to the artist/author website.
"generalAuthorLink": ""
  • regionNamesStyle - At the moment there is only 0 for pokémon-like region names, and 1 for shaman king-like region names.
"regionNamesStyle": 0
  • compass - Replaces the default compass image with a custom one.
"compass": "compass.png"
  • trainerClasses - Used to define images and characteristics of NPC trainers.
  • rareFamilyProbability - 0.01 means that 1 time out of 100 you can find a legendary monster. Adjust to your needs.
"rareFamilyProbability": 0.01
  • shinies - Whether shiny forms are allowed or not. Default: true
"shinies": false
  • dexentries - Whether textual entries in the dex are activated or not. Default: false
"dexentries": true
  • imageZoom - Makes pack images smaller or larger. Default: 0
"imagesZoom": {
"monsters": 0


This section is words that can be replaced with your own words, this is a list of word code names, and the word it replaces:

  • monster - "Monster"
  • catchitem - "Catch Item"
  • region - "Region"
  • route - "Route"
  • trainer - "Trainer"
  • trainerNPC - "Trainer NPC"
  • catch - "Catch"
  • box - "Box"
  • pp - "PP"
  • egg - "Egg"
  • seek - "Seek Monsters"
  • hatch - "Hatch"
  • badges - "Badges"
  • eggdesc_0 - "It's making sounds inside.\nIt's going to hatch soon!"
  • eggdesc_1 - "It moves around inside sometimes.\nIt must be close to hatching."
  • eggdesc_2 - "Wonder what's inside?\nIt needs more time, though."
  • eggdesc_3 - "It looks like this egg will take a long time to hatch."
  • evolve - "Evolve"
"keywords": {
"monster": "Awesomemon",
"catchitem": "Catching Ball",
"trainer": "Challenger",
"catch": "Abduct",
"box": "Storage Unit",
"pp": "Mana",
"egg": "Kinder Surprise",
"seek": "Find Creatures",
"hatch": "Spawn",
"badges": "Super Medals",
"eggdesc_0": "Egg will hatch soon!",
"eggdesc_1": "Egg is close to hatching.",
"eggdesc_2": "Egg needs more time.",
"eggdesc_3": "Egg will take a long time."

Note: \n is a line break, meaning that the rest of the phrase will be printed on a new line below.