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This section is where you'll define the monsters that will be obtainable in your pack.

  • genders - This is the probability wild monsters being male or female.
"genders": [87.5,12.5]
  • growth - How fast it levels up, can be fast, mediumfast (moderately fast), slow, mediumslow (moderately slow), slowfast (slow and then fast, similar to erratic) and fastslow (fast and then slow, similar to fluctuating).
"growth": "mediumslow"
  • genes - Probability of having one of the possible genetic traits, if there are more than one.
"genes": [85,15]
  • warm - causes the eggs to hatch faster, if in party together. Use it wisely and rarely.
"warm": true
  • dexentry - The text that will show in this monsters dex entry, if you allow them.
"dexentry": "The text for the dex."
  • forms - The possible forms of this monster. Possible form conditions: "item", "gene", "gender" (0 = male/1 = female), "hour" (day/night), "season" (spring/summer/autumn/winter), "level" (intended as minimum), etc.
    • conditions - If this is before the name parameter, this monster will have to fulfill the condition to have this form. See bottom for example and possibilities.
    • name - Proper name of this form.
    • type1 - The first type of this form.
    • type2 - The second type of this form.
    • power - The general power of the monster. Can be -1 (Scarce), 0 (Basic), 1 (Great), 2 (Ultra), 3 (Extraordinary) or 4 (Legendary). This may be updated with proper differentiated stats in the future, but it'll remain usable.
    • icon - The image of the monster to use with this form.
    • iconS - The image to use with the shiny version of this form, if shinies are allowed.
    • iconBack - Used for if monsters have a sprite of the backside, your team will use these when battling wild monsters.
    • iconBackS - The shiny version of the backside sprite.
"forms": [
  • evolutions - The possible evolutions of this monster. Possible evolution conditions: "level", "item", "gene", "gender" (0 = male/1 = female), "hour" (day/night), "happiness" (-2/-1/0/1/2), "traded" (true/false), etc.
    • id - The ID of the monster it can evolve into.
    • conditions - The requirements of this evolution.
"evolutions": [ 
{"id": "0001monst", "conditions": {"level":18}},

Form conditions

"contitions": {"item":"Awesome Item"}

Possible form conditions: "item", "gene", "gender" (0 = male/1 = female), "hour" (day/night), "season" (spring/summer/autumn/winter), "level" (intended as minimum).

Evolution conditions

"conditions": {"level":18}

Possible evolution conditions: "level", "item", "gene", "gender" (0 = male/1 = female), "hour" (day/night), "happiness" (-2/-1/0/1/2), "traded" (true/false).