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This Wiki is for "GPS Monster Scouter" for Android devices, discover limitless monsters, regions and routes all over the physical world on an immersive adventure!

GPS Monster Scouter is a customizable monster catching & training game based on GPS for Android, currently in development. It works with any fanmade data pack containing all the data for a set group of monster.

The basic idea is that through the game, the entire real world is composed of regions and routes, and every route is a habitat for a different family of monsters. The common sense for most mechanics was inspired by the pokémon anime, more than the games. Please keep that in mind while reading. Also, this is a game to be played while you're outside, in a matter of seconds. You won't find the depth of canonical pokémon games, because it would take too long to play, and because it must remain generic enough to be adaptable to non-pokémon sets. An important keyword is, EXPLORE. This game's goal is to encourage you exploring, going around outside and discovering new places and things.

Where to download the game?

You can get the game only for Android at the moment from the Google Play Store here.

How to use this wiki

At the top of this page you'll find a menu called 'navigation'. From there you'll be able to access the topics of this wiki. Please note that this wiki has some minor and major spoilers in it. We encourage you to discover the game, its inhabitants and your environment on your very own first. Look around here for hints if you're stuck on a certain topic.


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